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The daughter of Cadmus and mother of Actaeon. Bk III:165-205.
Bk III:692-733. Pentheus calls on her to help him, invoking the shade of her dead Actaeon, but she helps the other Maenads to tear him apart.

Autoneius heros
Actaeon, son of Autonoë. Bk III:165-205.

A mythical Alban king who gave his name to the Aventine hill from which he ruled. Bk XIV:609-622.

Avernus, Averna
A name for the Underworld. Averna is its entrance. Bk V:533-571.
Bk XIV:101-153. Aeneas enters it. Proserpina is its queen, and Dis (Orcus) its king.


Of Babylon, the ancient Mesopotamian capital of the Babylonians, in modern Iraq. Bk II:227-271.

Bacchantes, Maenades, Maenads, Bassarids
The female followers of Bacchus-Dionysus, noted for their ecstatic worship of the god. Bk XI:85-145.
Bk III:692-733. They celebrate the rites on Mount Cithaeron.
Bk VII:234-293. Medea has the appearance of a Bacchante.
Bk XI:1-66. They kill Orpheus.

An ancient royal family of Corinth, descended from Bacchis, one of the Heraclidae, founder of Syracuse. Bk V:385-424.
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