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Buthrotos, Buthrotum
A city in Epirus. There Helenus, the Trojan seer, built a replica of Troy. (See Virgil Aeneid III:290-350). Aeneas lands there and Helenus foretells his future. Bk XIII:705-737.

The daughter of Miletus, and Cyanee, twin sister of Caunus.
Bk IX:439-516. The twins are noted for their beauty. Byblis falls in love with Caunus and decides to woo him incestuously.
Bk IX:517-594. She declares her love in a letter to Caunus, and is rejected.
Bk IX:595-665. She follows him as he flees her, and, on Mount Chimaera in Lycia, is turned into an ever-weeping fountain.


Semele, daughter of Cadmus. Bk III:273-315.

The son of the Phoenician king Agenor who searches for his sister Europa stolen by Jupiter. The founder of Thebes. Bk III:1-49.
Bk III:50-94. He kills the serpent sacred to Mars.
Bk III:115-137. He founds Thebes.
Bk III:528-571. He reproves his grandson Pentheus, son of his daughter Agave, for his attempt to lay hands on the god Bacchus.
Bk IV:464-511. His son-in-law is Athamas, husband of his daughter Ino, who are both maddened by the Fury.
Bk IV:563-603. Cadmus and Harmonia are turned into serpents. There is a tradition that this happened in a cave on the coast of Dalmatia near Dubrovnik (Ragusa), see Rebecca West ‘Black Lamb and Grey Falcon’ p251. It was ten miles north of an ancient Dalmatian Epidaurus (now Tsavtat) founded by Greek colonists.
Bk VI:204-266. Amphion is his descendant.
Bk IX:273-323. The Theban women are ‘of Cadmus.’

A youth of Thessaly, called Atracides from the city of Atrax. He was born a girl, Caenis, but changed to a youth by Neptune as a gift and made invulnerable. He became a king of the Lapithae.
Bk VIII:260-328. He is present at the Calydonian Boar Hunt.
Bk XII:146-209. Nestor tells his story.
Bk XII:210-244. He is present at the battle of the Lapithae and the Centaurs.
Bk XII:429-535. He is killed, despite his invulnerability to wounds, by being buried under a weight of trees, and is turned into a unique bird with tawny wings.
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