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Cythereïus heros
Applied to Aeneas as the son of Venus. Bk XIII:623-639.

An island of the Cyclades. Bk V:250-293.

Of Cytorus, a mountain in Paphlagonia, with abundant boxwood. Salmacis’s comb is made from it. Bk IV:274-316.
Bk VI:129-145. Minerva’s shuttle is made of it.


Son of Lucifer, brother of Ceyx, father of Chione.
Bk XI:266-345. Mourning his daughter Chione he leaps from the summit of Parnassus but is turned by Apollo into a hawk (probably an eagle, genus: Accipiter, since Parnassus was famous for them. Note Byron’s letters Nov-Dec 1809. Seeing a flight of eagles on Parnassus he ‘seized the omen’ and wrote some stanzas for Childe Harold hoping ‘Apollo had accepted my homage’).

The mythical Athenian architect who built the Labyrinth for King Minos of Crete. Bk VIII:152-182.
(See Michael Ayrton’s extended series of sculptures, bronzes, and artefacts celebrating Daedalus, Icarus and the Minotaur)
Bk VIII:183-235. He makes wings of bee’s-wax and feathers to escape from Crete. Warning Icarus, his son, to follow him in a middle course, they fly towards Ionia. Between Samos and Lebinthos Icarus flies too high and the wax melts, and he drowns in the Icarian Sea and is buried on the island of Icaria.
Bk VIII:236-259. He had previously caused the death of Talos, his nephew, the son of his sister Perdix, through jealousy throwing him from the Athenian citadel, but Pallas Athene changed the boy into the partridge, perdix perdix.
Bk VIII:260-328. He finds sanctuary in Sicily (after reaching Cumae, where he built the temple of Apollo), at the court of King Cocalus who defends him from Minos. (He threaded the spiral shell for King Cocalus, a test devised by Minos, and made the golden honeycomb for the goddess at Eryx. See Vincent Cronin’s book on Sicily – The Golden Honeycomb.).
Bk IX:714-763. His name was synonymous with ingenuity, invention and technical skill.

One of Niobe’s seven sons killed by Apollo and Diana. Bk VI:204-266.
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