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Dryades, Dryads
The wood-nymphs. They mourn for Narcissus. Bk III:474-510.
Bk VIII:725-776. They inhabit the oak trees in Ceres sacred grove and dance at her festivals. One of them prophesies the doom of Erysichthon who had violated the grove and destroyed her.
Bk VIII:777-842. The Dryads mourn the oak and demand punishment for Erysichthon.
Bk XI:1-66. They mourn for Orpheus.
Bk XIV:320-396. They are attracted to Picus.

The son of Mars, and brother of the Thracian Tereus.
Bk VIII:260-328. He is present at the Calydonian Boar Hunt.
Bk XII:290-326. He is present at the battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs.

The daughter of Eurytus, king of Oechalia, mother of Amphissus by Apollo, wife of Andraemon.
Bk IX:324-393. She unwittingly offends the nymphs and is turned into a lotus-tree.

An epithet of Ulysses from Dulichium, an (unidentified) island near Ithaca. Bk XIII:1-122. Bk XIII:399-428. Bk XIII:705-737.
Bk XIV:223-319

Hecuba, the daughter of Dymas and the nymph Eunoë, and wife of Priam, king of Troy. Bk XI:749-795.

The father of Hecuba. Bk XI:749-795.


A centaur. Bk XII:429-535.

A monster half-woman, half-snake mother of Cerberus, Chimacra, the Hydra, and the Sphinx.
Bk IV:464-511. Her venom is part of Tisiphone’s poisonous brew.
Bk VII:404-424. Mother of Cerberus.

A group of islands off the mouth of the River Acheloüs, in Acarnania, opposite the island of Cephallenia.
Bk VIII:547-610. They were nymphs turned into islands by the river-god.
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