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Eurytus (1)
The father of Iole and Dryope. The king of Oechalia. He names his grandson, Dryope’s child, Amphissus. Bk IX:89-158. Bk IX:324-393.

Eurytus (2)
The centaur. He precipitates the battle between the Lapithae and the Centaurs by attempting to carry off Hippodamia. Bk XII:210-244.

Eurytus (3)
The son of Actor, and the father of Hippasus and brother of Cleatus. Possibly there is confusion here with Eurytus (4). Bk VIII:260-328.

Eurytus (4), Erytus
The son of Actor. A companion of Phineus. He is killed by Perseus, with a heavy mixing bowl. Possibly there is confusion here with Eurytus (3). Bk V:74-106.

Bk XII:245-289. One of the Lapithae. He killed Gryneus at the battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs.


Rumour, personified. She comes to Deianira. Bk IX:89-158.
Bk XII:39-63. The House of Rumour described.
Bk XV:1-59. The harbinger of glory.

Famine, a hag, the personification of hunger. Ceres sends her to torment Erysichthon. Bk VIII:777-842.
Bk VIII:843-884. She leaves him with an incurable and growing hunger.

A tributary of the Tiber. Bk XIV:320-396.

Fates, The Three Goddesses, The Parcae
The three Fates were born of Erebus and Night. Clothed in white, they spin, measure out, and sever the thread of each human life. Clotho spins the thread. Lachesis measures it. Atropos wields the shears. Bk II:633-675.
Bk XV:745-842. The gods cannot overrule them, and prevent Caesar’s assassination.

Latinus, son of Faunus. Bk XIV:445-482.
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