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King of the Lapithae, father of Pirithoüs, and of the Centaurs.
Bk IV:416-463. Punished in Hades for attempting to seduce Juno. He was fastened to a continually turning wheel.
Bk VIII:376-424. Bk VIII:611-678. The father of Pirithoüs.
Bk IX:89-158. The father of Nessus and the other centaurs.
Bk X:1-85. His punishment in the underworld ceases for a time at the sound of Orpheus’s song.
Bk XII:210-244. Bk XII:290-326. His son is Pirithoüs.
Bk XII:429-535. He had attempted to seduce Juno, but Jupiter created a false image of her, caught Ixion in the act with this simulacrum, and bound him to a fiery wheel that rolls through the sky (or turns in the Underworld).

Pirithoüs, as the son of Ixion. Bk VIII:547-610.


Laconia, Laconis, Lacedaemonian, Lacedaemionius
The area around Sparta. Of Sparta, the chief city also called Lacedaemon. Bk II:227-271.

Of Lacinium, a promontory near Crotona in Italy. (Near modern Capo Colonna on the ‘heel’ of Italy.) It had a famous temple of Juno. Bk XV:1-59. Bk XV:622-745.

Spartan, Lacedaemonian, Laconian. Bk III:206-231.

A river in Arcadia. Bk I:689-721. (Pausanias says, VIII xx, that its springs derive from the Phenean Lake and that it has the finest water of any river in Greece.)

The father of Ulysses, and son of Arcesius.
Bk VIII:260-328. He is present at the Calydonian Boar Hunt. He is father-in-law to Penelope.
Bk XII:579-628. Bk XIII:123-381. The father of Ulysses.

Ulysses, son of Laërtes. Bk XIII:1-122.
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