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Isse, the daughter of Macareus (1). Bk VI:103-128.

Macareus (1)
An inhabitant of Lesbos.
His daughter is Isse. Bk VI:103-128.

Macareus (2)
A centaur. Bk XII:429-535.

Macareus (3)
Of Neritos. A companion of Ulysses who settled in Italy at Caieta, after their wanderings. Bk XIV:154-222.
Bk XIV:223-319. He tells the story of their wanderings, and warns Aeneas not to encounter Circe.
Bk XIV:435-444. He ends his story.

Macedonia, Macedonius
The country bordering the northern Aegean. Bk XII:429-535.

Maeandrus, Maeandrius
The Maeander river in Lydia in Asia Minor famous for its wandering course, hence ‘meander.’ Also its river-god. (Pausanias mentions, VIII vii, a boiling hot spring that comes out of the riverbed and out of a rock mid-stream. Also, V xiv, that it is famous for its many huge tamarisk trees.) Bk II:227-271.
Bk VIII:152-182. Its windings are compared to the Cretan maze.
Bk IX:439-516. Cyanee is his daughter.
Bk IX:517-594. Caunus is his grandson.

Maenades, Maenads, Bacchantes
The female followers of Bacchus-Dionysus, noted for their ecstatic worship of the god. Dionysus brought terror and joy. The Maenads’ secret female mysteries may indicate older rituals of ecstatic human sacrifice.
Bk III:692-733. Led by Agave and Autonoë they destroy Pentheus.
Bk XI:1-66. They kill Orpheus.
Bk XI:67-84. They are turned into oak trees.

Maenalos, Maenala
A mountain range in Arcadia. (Pausanias, VIII xxxvi, says it is sacred to Pan, and the people living there hear him piping.) Bk I:199-243.
Bk II:401-416. Bk II:441-465. The haunt of Diana the goddess of the hunt and her virgin companions.
Bk V:572-641. Passed by Arethusa in her flight.
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