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A woman of Mycenae.
Bk XII:1-38. Iphigenia.

An island in the Cyclades, near Delos. Described as low-lying.
Bk VII:453-500. Allied to Crete.

Mygdonis, Mygdonius
Of the Mygdonians, a Thracian people. Bk II:227-271.
Bk VI:26-69. They emigrated to Phrygia in Asia Minor, near Lydia, hence = Phrygian.

The Myrmidons, a race of men created out of ants. Led by Achilles to the war against Troy.
Bk VII:614-660.Created from ants on the island of Aegina by Jupiter, and named after the Greek word for an ant, μύρμηξ.

The daughter of Cinyras, mother of Adonis, incestuously, by her father.
Bk X:298-355. She conceives an incestuous passion for her father.
Bk X:356-430. She attempts suicide, and is rescued by her nurse who promises to help her.
Bk X:431-502. She sleeps with her father, is impregnated by him, and when discovered flees to Sabaea, and is turned into the myrrh-tree, weeping resin. Adonis is born from the tree.

The son of Alemon of Argos, and founder of Crotona.
Bk XV:1-59. The story of his founding of the city.

Mysus, Mysia, Mysian
Of the country of Mysia in Asia Minor containing the city of Pergamum. Bk II:227-271.
Bk XII:64-145. Bk XIII:123-381. Contains the city of Mysian Thebes.
Bk XV:259-306. The river there, that flows underground to appear as the Caicus.


Of Nabatea, a country in Arabia containing Petra.
Bk V:149-199. Ethemon comes from there.
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