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Ortygia (2)
Part of the city of Syracuse in Sicily on an island in the harbour. Bk V:487-532.
Bk V:572-641. Arethusa is pleased by its name, since it reflects that of her goddess Diana, from her birthplace on Delos.

The Egyptian god, Ousir, identified with Dis and Bacchus-Dionysus. A nature god, the son of Geb and Nut, born in Thebes in Upper Egypt. His consort was Isis. The story is of his death initiated by his brother Set, and his resurrection thanks to Isis, Thoth, Anubis and Horus.
Bk IX:666-713. He was searched for by Isis

A mountain in Thessaly in Northern Greece. Bk I:151-176. Bk II:201-227.
Bk VII:179-233. Medea gathers magic herbs there.
Bk XII:290-326. Aphidas is lying on the skin of a bear from Ossa.

A mountain in Thessaly in Northern Greece. Bk II:201-226.
Bk VII:179-233. Medea gathers magic herbs there.
Bk VII:350-403. The region where Cerambus came from.
Bk XII:146-209. The region where Caeneus came from.
Bk XII:429-535. A haunt of the Centaurs.


The south eastern promontory of Sicily. Bk V:332-384. Bk XIII:705-737.

Nymphs of the River Pactolus. Bk VI:1-25.

A river in northern Lydia, a tributary of the River Hermus. Bk VI:1-25.
Bk XI:85-145. The site of the royal capital of Lydia is at Sardis nearby, and both are near Mount Tmolus. Its waters become a gold-bearing stream at the touch of Midas.

The River Po in northern Italy. Bk II:227-271.

A name for Apollo the Healer. Bk I:553-567. Bk XV:479-546.
Bk XIV:698-771. A religious hymn in his honour.
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