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The famous Greek philosopher of Samos, the Ionian island, who took up residence at Crotona in Italy, where Numa came to be his pupil. His school was later revived at Tarentum. He flourished in the second half of the 6th century BC.
Bk XV:60-142. He teaches the vegetarian ethic based on the sanctity of life.
BkXV:143-175. He teaches the doctrine of the transmigration of souls, metempsychosis, and was Euphorbus at the time of the Trojan War.
Bk XV:176-198. He teaches the doctrine of eternal flux. This is the panta rei (πάντα ρει), ‘all things flow,’ taught by Heraclitus the Ephesian, (flourished c500BC), but not apparently original with him: he also said ‘you cannot step in the same river twice’ as attested by Plato.
Bk XV:199-236. He teaches the four ages of man.
Bk XV:237-258. He teaches here a theory of the rarefaction and condensation of the four ‘elements’ that is attributed to Anaximenes of the Milesian school of philosophers. (Founded by Thales, and ended by the fall of Miletus in 494BC) Anaximenes also taught that air was the primary Urstoff. His theory introduced the idea of changes of quantity creating changes of quality. Like other Ionian philosophers the eternity of matter, and its transformations, is assumed.

The Pythian games were instituted at Delphi by Apollo. They were celebrated every four years. Bk I:438-473.

The huge serpent created by earth after the Flood, destroyed by Apollo, giving its name to the Pythian games. Bk I:438-473.


The name for the deified Romulus. Bk XIV:805-828. Bk XV:843-870.
Bk XIV:829-851. He receives his wife Hersilia in heaven, deified as Hora.
Bk XV:552-621. Bk XV:745-842. The Romans are his people.

Quirites, Quires
The Sabines, or Cures, the Romans after the union with the Sabines. Bk XV:552-621.
Bk XIV:566-580. They worship the deified Aeneas as Indiges.


An Alban king, killed by a lightning bolt. Bk XIV:609-622.
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