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The son of Mars and Ilia, hence Iliades, the father of the Roman people (genitor).
Bk XIV:772-804. He reinstates Numitor, and makes peace with the Sabines, sharing the rule of Rome with Tatius the Sabine king.
Bk XIV:805-828. He is deified, as Quirinus.
Bk XIV:829-851. His hill is the Quirinal. As Quirinus, he receives his deified wife Hersilia into heaven, as Hora.
Bk XV:552-621. His spear was magically transformed into a tree.
Bk XV:622-745. Rome is his city.

A people of Latium whose chief city was Ardea, and whose hero was Turnus. They fight Aeneas and the Trojans. Bk XIV:445-482.
Bk XIV:527-565. They set fire to the Trojan ships.
Bk XIV:566-580. They persist with the war.


Of the Sabaeans, a people in Northern Arabia. Myrrha reaches their land. Bk X:431-502.

The Sabines, a people of Central Italy who merged with the people of Romulus. ( See Giambologna’s sculpture – The Rape of the Sabines – Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence)
Bk XIV:772-804. Their king is Tatius. They make peace.
Bk XIV:829-851. They are absorbed into the Roman people.
Bk XV:1-59. Numa desires knowledge beyond theirs.

The constellation and zodiacal sun sign of the Archer, half man and half beast, formed when Chiron the centaur was placed by Jupiter among the stars. He aims his stellar arrow at the heart of Scorpio. The star-rich constellation contains the centre of the galaxy. It is full of star clusters and nebulae (Trifid, Lagoon, Horseshoe etc). The sun is in Sagittarius at the winter solstice. Bk II:63-89.

A city on the island of Cyprus, founded by Teucer, who came from the island of Salamis in the Saronic Sea, site of the famous naval battle where the Greeks defeated the Persians.
Bk XIV:698-771. It contains Anaxarete’s statue, and a temple to Venus Prospiciens – ‘she who looks out.’
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