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The inhabitants of Syene in Upper Egypt.
Bk V:74-106. Phorbas’s native place.

A daughter of the river god Symaethus in Sicily, the mother of Acis. Bk XIII:738-788.

Of Symaethus, a town in Sicily. Acis. Bk XIII:870-897.

Symphlegades, Symplegades
Two rocky islands in the Euxine Sea, clashing rocks according to the fable, crushing what attempted to pass between them. Bk VII:1-99.
Bk XV:307-360. The Argo had to avoid them.

An Arcadian nymph pursued by Pan and changed to marsh reeds by her sisters in order to escape him. She gave her name to the syrinx, or pan pipes, the reedy flute. (See Signorelli’s painting – Court of Pan – Staatliche Museum, Berlin) Bk I:689-721.

An island of the Cyclades, near Delos. Described as flowering with thyme.
Bk VII:453-500. Allied to Crete.

A dangerous series of sandbanks on the north coast of Africa. Bk VIII:81-151.


Taenarius (1)
Laconian, of the river Eurotas. Bk II:227-271.
Bk X:143-219. The home of Hyacinthus.

Taenarius (2)
Laconian, of the cave reputed to give entry to the Underworld. Bk X:1-85.

Taenarus, Taenarides
The southern part of Laconia in southern Greece near the mouth of the Eurotas. Bk II:227-271.
Bk X:1-85. One of the traditional gateways to the Underworld.
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