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Diomede, son of Tydeus. Bk XII:579-628. Bk XIII:1-122.

The twins, Castor and Pollux, the Dioscuri, the sons of Leda by the Spartan king Tyndareus, both present at the Calydonian Boar-Hunt. Bk VIII:260-328.

An epithet of Helen, as the daughter of Tyndareus. Bk XV:199-236.

The hundred-handed giant, one of the sons of Earth, who fought the gods. Deposed by Jupiter he was buried under Sicily.
Bk V:294-331. The Emathides pretend that he chased the gods into Egypt.
Bk V:332-384. Calliope, the Muse, tells how Typhoeus was buried under Sicily by the gods. Bk III:273-315. Bk XIV:1-74.

Tyria paelex
An epithet of  Europa. Bk III:253-272.

Tyros, Tyre, Tyrius (=Tyrian)
The city of the Phoenicians in the Lebanon. Bk II:833-875.
Bk V:30-73. Bk VI:26-69. Bk X:243-297.Famed for its purple dyes used on clothing, obtained from the murex shell-fish.
Bk V:385-424. The violet flowers of Enna picked by Proserpine are compared to the purple dyes.
Bk VI:204-266. Amphion’s sons have Tyrian dyed horsecloths.
Bk IX:324-393. The flowers of the lotus tree are compared in colour to its dyes.
Bk X:143-219. The colour of Hyacinthus’s flower.
Bk XI:146-171. Phoebus’s robes are of Tyrian purple.
Bk XV:259-306. Once an island harbour, subsequently linked to the mainland.

Tyrrhenia, Tyrrhenian
Inhabitants of Maeonia in Lydia. The Tyrrhenians migrated into Italy from Lydia (Tyrrha on the River Cayster) to form the rootstock of the Etrurians (Etruscans). Bk XV:552-621.
Bk III:572-596. Acoetes the priest of Bacchus explains his Tyrrhenian origins.
Bk XIV:1-74. Glaucus crosses the Tyrrhenian Sea to seek out Circe. (Possibly located at Cape Circeo, between Anzio and Gaeta)
Bk XIV:445-482. The Etrurians who go to war with the Trojans under Aeneas.

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