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Bk VII:425-452 The praise for Theseus.

Though the father was overjoyed that his son was unharmed, he was still horrified that so great a crime could have come so close to success. He lit fires on the altars, and heaped gifts for the gods. His axes struck the mountainous necks of oxen, their horns tied with the sacrificial ribbons. They say that was the happiest day that dawned in the city of Erectheus. The statesmen celebrated among the people, and they sang verses, made even more inspired by the wine.

"Great Theseus, admired in Marathon,
 for the blood of the Cretan bull,
 your act and gift made Cromyon's fields
 safe for the farmers plough.
 Epidaurus's land saw you defeat
 Vulcan's club-wielding son,
 and the banks of the River Cephisus
 saw evil Procrustes brought down.
 Eleusis, sacred to Ceres the Mother,
 witnessed Cercyon's fall:
 Sinis, you killed, a man of great strength
 twisted to evil art,
 who could bend pine-tree trunks to the earth,
 and tear men's bodies apart:
 and Sciron is done for, and safe paths reach
 Megara's Lelegeïan wall:
 though the ocean denied his bones a grave,
 and the land denied the same,
 till, long-time hurled, they hardened to cliffs,
 and the cliffs bear Sciron's name.
 If we wanted to count your years and your honours,
 the deeds would exceed the years:
 to you, the bravest, we empty our wine-cups,
 and offer our public prayers."

The palace echoed to the people's applause and the prayers of friends, and there was no sad place in the whole city.
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