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Bk XI:194-220 Laomedon and the walls of Troy.

Having punished him, Latona's son left Mount Tmolus and, flying through the clear air, he came to earth in the country of Laomedon, this side of the narrows of the Hellespont, named from Helle, daughter of Nephele. To the right of the deeps of Sigeum, and to the left of those of Rhoeteum, there was an ancient altar of Jupiter the Thunderer, 'source of all oracles.' There, Apollo saw Laomedon building the foundations of the new city of Troy. The great undertaking prospering with difficulty, and demanding no little resources, he, and Neptune, trident-bearing father of the swelling sea, put on mortal form, and built the walls of the city for the Phrygian king for an agreed amount in gold. The edifice stood there.
But the king denied them payment, and as a crowning treachery, perjured himself by claiming they were lying. The ruler of the ocean said: 'You will not go unpunished,' and he turned all his waters against the shores of tight-fisted Troy. He flooded the land to form a strait, swept away the farmers' crops, and buried the fields beneath the waves. Even this was insufficient punishment: He demanded also that Hesione, the king's daughter, be given to a sea-monster, whom Hercules freed, as she was chained to the solid rock. Hercules demanded the payment promised, an agreed number of horses. But the reward for all his work being refused, he seized the twice-perjured walls of conquered Troy. Telamon, his companion, did not go without honour, and Hesione was given to him in marriage.
Peleus, Telamon's brother, was already distinguished by having a goddess as his wife, and was not more proud of being Jupiter's grandson (his father Aeacus being the son of Jove by Aegina) as his son-in-law (by marrying Thetis), since he was not the only brother to be Jove's grandson, but he was the only one to marry a goddess.
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