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Bk I:747-764 Phaethon's parentage.
Now she is worshiped as a greatly honoured goddess by crowds of linen clad acolytes. In due time she bore a son, Epaphus, who shared the cities' temples with his mother, and was believed to have been conceived from mighty Jupiter's seed. He had a friend, Phaethon, child of the Sun, equal to him in spirit and years, who once boasted proudly that Phoebus was his father, and refused to concede the claim, which Inachus's grandson could not accept. "You are mad to believe all your mother says, and you have an inflated image of your father." Phaethon reddened but, from shame, repressed his anger, and went to his mother Clymene with Inachus's reproof. "To sadden you more, mother, I the free, proud, spirit was silent! I am ashamed that such a reproach can be spoken and not answered. But if I am born at all of divine stock, give me some proof of my high birth, and let me claim my divinity!" So saying he flung his arms round his mother's neck, entreating her, by his own and her husband Merops's life, and by his sisters' marriages, to reveal to him some true sign of his parentage.
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