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Bk II:596-611 Coronis is betrayed and Phoebus kills her.
To all this, the Raven replied, "I pray any evil be on your own head. I spurn empty prophecies," and, completing the journey he had started, he told his master he had seen Coronis lying beside a Thessalian youth. The laurel fell from the lover’s head on hearing of the charge, his expression and colour and the tone of his lyre changed, and his mind boiled with growing anger. He seized his usual weapons, strung his bow bending it by the tips, and, with his unerring arrow, pierced the breast that had so often been close to his own. She groaned at the wound, and as the arrow was drawn out her white limbs were drenched with scarlet blood and she cried out, "Oh Phoebus it was in your power to have punished me, but to have let me give birth first: now two will die in one." She spoke, and then her life flowed out with her blood. A deathly cold stole over her body, emptied of being.
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