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The Art of War
Sun Tzu

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5.1-5.18 continued


[05.10] Their force is like a drawn crossbow and their timing is like the release of the trigger.

[05.11] Even in the midst of the turbulence of battle, the fighting seemingly chaotic, they are not confused. Even in the midst of the turmoil of battle, the troops seemingly going around in circles, they cannot be defeated.

[05.12] Disorder came from order, fear came from courage, weakness came from strength.*

[05.13] Disorder coming from order is a matter of organization; fear coming from courage is a matter of force, weakness coming from strength is a matter of formation.

[05.14] Therefore, those skilled in moving the enemy use formation that makes the enemy respond.

[05.15] They offer bait* that which the enemy must take, manipulating the enemy to move while they wait in ambush.

[05.16] Those skilled in warfare seek victory through force and do not require too much from individuals. Therefore, they are able to select the right men* and exploit force.

[05.17] One who exploits force commands men into battle like rolling logs and boulders.* Logs and boulders are still when on flat ground, but roll when on steep ground. Square shapes are still, but round shapes roll.

[05.18] Therefore, those skilled in warfare use force by making the troops in battle like boulders rolling down a steep mountain.This is force.* 



5.13 Disorder coming from order. The idea here is to create an illusion; the illusion results from a general's skill in deceiving the enemy (i.e., faking disorder, which he has enough order to fake, or weakness he has enough strength to fake, or fear he has enough courage to fake).
5.15 bait. The bait is a phony show of weakness that traps the enemy into overextending itself.
5.16 the right men.  The right men (or, today, women) for a task.
5.17 commends men into battle like rolling logs and boulders. Prepares and releases his troops into battle so that their onslaught becomes self-propelling, unstoppable.
5.18 making the troops in battle like boulders rolling down a steep mountain. The general 1) creates momentum by preparing and uniting troops in a cause, 2) communicates with them to release the momentum, 3) sees it build through the teamwork and the common and uncommon maneuvers.
5.18 force. The "force of momentum," a vital tool for generals to create and exploit.

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