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The Art of War
Sun Tzu

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Appendix continued

Page Chapter       Metaphors, Similes, and Other Analogies
13 6.31 The army's formation is like water. The water's formation avoids the high and rushes to the low.*
15 7.13 It advances like the wind; it marches like the forest; it invades and plunders like fire; it stands like the mountain; it is formless like the dark; it strikes like thunder.*
16 7.24 Do not do battle with well-ordered flags;*
25 10.19 He looks upon his troops as children, and they will advance to the deepest valleys. He looks upon his troops as his own children, and they will die with him.
25 10.20 If the general does not discipline the troops,* but cannot establish order, the troops are like spoiled children and are useless. 
28 11.30 the sitting soldiers' tears will soak their sleeves, and the lying soldiers' tears will roll down their cheeks.*
28 11.32 those skilled in warfare are like the shuaijan.*
28 11.33 Can forces be made like the shuaijan?
28 11.33
encountering severe winds when crossing a river on the same boat, they assisted each other like left and right hands.*
29 11.36 one who is skilled in warfare leads them by the hand like they are one person; 
29 11.39 The day the general leads his troops into battle, it is like climbing up high and throwing away the ladder. 
29 11.41 He commands his troops like herding sheep; being herded to and fro without them knowing where they are going. 
32  11.72 Therefore, be like a maiden;*
32 11.72 once the enemy opens the door, be like a scurrying hare.*

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