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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière

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Then you are quite ready for temptation,
And bare skin makes on you a big impression.
I truly don't know why you feel such passion;
I myself think lust is out of fashion,
For I could see you nude from top to toe
Without your pelt setting my cheeks aglow.

Put a little modesty in your discourse
Or I must leave you instantly perforce.

No, it is I who will leave you here in peace,
And I will just say this before I cease:
Madam is coming down to visit you
And demands the favor of a rendezvous.

Oh yes! Most willingly!

DORINE [to herself]               
Isn't he sweet!
I'm even surer now that dog's in heat.

Will she soon come?

I think I can hear her.
Yes, there. Now I will leave you two together.
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