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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière

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Oh, let him go on. You are wrong to scold,
And you'd be wise to believe the story he's told.
In light of his claims, why should you favor me?
What do you know of my culpability?
Why put your faith in my exterior?
Why should you think that I'm superior?
No, no, appearances are fooling you,
I am the kind of man you should eschew.
The whole world thinks that I have earned God's blessing,
But the plain truth is . . . that I'm worth nothing.
[Addressing DAMIS]
Yes, my dear son, speak. And don't merely chide.
Accuse me of treason, theft, and homicide.
Call me every foul name you can recall.
I deny nothing. I merit it all.
And I beg on my knees to bear this chagrin
As the shameful result of my life of sin.
That's too much, brother. [To his son]  Why can't you let go,
What! Have his words seduced you so . . .

Keep quiet, you bum! [To TARTUFFE]. Brother, please arise.
[To his son]. Shame!
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