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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière

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Cease, I say.
I'm aware of your motive in this foray:
You all hate him, and now I see how my wife,
Children, and maid conspire against his life.
You impudently try every trick you can
To alienate me from this holy man,
But the harder you try to drive him away,
The harder I'll try to get him to stay.
And I'll hasten his marriage to Mariane
To demolish the pride of this whole clan.

So you will force her to marry this fellow?

Yes, this very night, to see you bellow.
I defy you all, and stand here to say
I am the master and you must obey.
Come now. Retract your words, oh foul pollution!
Throw yourself down and demand absolution.

Who, me? Of that villain, by whose pretense . . .

So you refuse, you scum, and your impertinence
Persists? [To TARTUFFE]  A stick! A staff! Don't hold me back.
[To his son] Get out of my house and don't even pack,
And never again let me see your face.

Yes, I will go, but . . .

Quickly! Leave this place.
I am cutting you off and what is worse
I am leaving you with my heart-felt curse.
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