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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffery Chaucer

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PardT 355 That any worm hath ete, or worm ystonge,
PardT 356 Taak water of that welle and wassh his tonge,
PardT 357 And it is hool anon; and forthermoore,
PardT 358 Of pokkes and of scabbe, and every soore
PardT 359 Shal every sheep be hool that of this welle
PardT 360 Drynketh a draughte. Taak kep eek what I telle:
PardT 361 If that the good-man that the beestes oweth
PardT 362 Wol every wyke, er that the cok hym croweth,
PardT 363 Fastynge, drynken of this welle a draughte,
PardT 364 As thilke hooly Jew oure eldres taughte,
PardT 365 His beestes and his stoor shal multiplie.
PardT 366 `And, sires, also it heeleth jalousie;
PardT 367 For though a man be falle in jalous rage,
PardT 368 Lat maken with this water his potage,
PardT 369 And nevere shal he moore his wyf mystriste,
PardT 370 Though he the soothe of hir defaute wiste,
PardT 371 Al had she taken prestes two or thre.
PardT 372 `Heere is a miteyn eek, that ye may se.
PardT 373 He that his hand wol putte in this mitayn,
PardT 374 He shal have multipliyng of his grayn,
PardT 375 Whan he hath sowen, be it whete or otes,
PardT 376 So that he offre pens, or elles grotes.
PardT 377 `Goode men and wommen, o thyng warne I yow:
PardT 378 If any wight be in this chirche now
PardT 379 That hath doon synne horrible, that he
PardT 380 Dar nat, for shame, of it yshryven be,
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